About Blue Storm Creative

Shannon MacMillan (aka "Max")
Web Developer

Blue Storm Creative is a web and creative shop founded in 2008.  I am a full-time Front-end Engineer, and have worked with major brands such as Google, Microsoft, Campbell’s, and Viacom, creating WordPress websites and apps to serve a variety of customer needs. While I’ve been employed by industry-leading web development agencies, Blue Storm Creative remains where I provide freelance websites and marketing strategies for smaller business ventures, artists, authors, and non-profits. To date I’ve developed (and in certain cases, also designed) hundreds of WP sites ranging from personal blogs to enterprise-level marketing sites, stores, online courses, membership hubs, and everything in between.


Partner Shops

While I take on most projects solo, there are some cases where extra hands, eyes, and brains make the work immeasurably better. In these instances I rely on two very talented colleagues – Grant Keller, of development shop Keller Digital, and Helen Kim, of design studio The Think Farm.  Grant, Helen, and I met at WordCamp Los Angeles back in 2012 and have been collaborating on large-scale projects and entrepreneurial ventures ever since.


KellerDigital-logoGrant at Keller Digital helps businesses and organizations overcome obstacles with technology and efficient problem solving. Utilizing a “foundation-up” approach allows Grant to provide practical solutions to businesses across verticals. By focusing on what a client needs day-to-day – and how to move their most important metrics – Grant helps to provide the online systems and marketing to get businesses to their goals. As a partner shop, Grant works directly with clients to translate their vision and needs to the rest of the team, and drives projects forward to the finish line.


The Think Farm logoThe Think Farm is a design studio and consultancy that specializes in branding and visual messaging for clients of all shapes and sizes, from local government to up-and-coming entrepreneurs and everyone in between. Owner Helen Kim has over 15 years of experience creating visual identity and related digital artwork and web design that communicate the essence and unique vision of individual businesses and organizations. Whether in print or online, The Think Farm cultivates streamlined, market-specific design that resonates with the client’s target audience, outlasts the trends of today and grows with the client into their future success.